All packages require a $50 set up fee. 

Includes the cost of all premium plugins and associated updates required to perform these tasks for as long as the maintenance agreement is maintained.

It is important to keep your WordPress, plugins, and themes updated. Most compromises come from these 3 areas.
Security tasks including hardening, security scans to help find malicious code, blacklist monitoring, and simple security tweaks. Does not include malware removal.
Scheduled backups secured off site so that should your site be compromised, it can be restored from the most recent backup. The more frequently you update your site, the more backups you need. If you need a smaller package but more frequent updates, we can customize a package for you upon request.
Tasks include file compression, minification, browser caching, uptime monitoring, compression, image optimization, reporting
Tasks include sitemap creation, updates, and updates sent to search engines.
Updates to your site content as provided by you. Unused time does not roll over but  will be used to review your site, make additional site and search engine optimization tweaks or other general updates to improve your site.